Solidarity challenges

Solidarity has no limits and our animals need your support. Together we can achieve all the goals we set for ourselves.

We have a challenge for you

Animals often come to our shelter from extreme circumstances. Some of them arrive in such a state that they need surgical interventions, hospital admissions, specific tests and treatments that entail high veterinary expenses. To be able to take those on, we greatly appreciate your financial contributions. We know that not everyone can collaborate in the same way, but for us, any type of support is welcome.

In this section you can help us improve the lives of our animals.

Veterinary Help

Dogo and Hermione had to be hospitalized and nursed for 11 and 6 days respectively to get by. Agua had to undergo an emergency operation for an obstruction in the intestine that almost cost him his life and Alma, who presented pain and a limp, had to undergo surgery for a high-grade dislocation of the patella..

Neu needs our help

He was diagnosed with a grade 3 patella dislocation. This caused him a lot of pain and prevented him from moving normally. We had to operate on her to give her the life she deserves.

Irina needs us

It was observed that Irina had some nails from an old fracture, these should have been removed when welding. The only possible solution was to operate on her, so that she wouldn’t suffer so much pain.

Let’s help Yara

Yara suffered an injury to one of her legs and the traumatologist recommended us to operate on her to solve a ligament problem in the metatarsal joint that was causing her a lot of pain.

Four dogs of a Noah

Miga, Piga, Truita and Crema have lived in a situation of neglect for several years, now they need our help to recover their physical and mental health. They did not deserve to live in rubble.