Our members, a fundamental element

With your financial help you contribute in an essential way so that the shelter can continue helping as many dogs and cats as possible.

Become a member

Become a member. One of the fundamental elements within our organization are our members. Not only because legally they make up our governing board through the Assemblies held, but also because, thanks to their financial help, they contribute in an essential way, so that the shelter can continue helping as many dogs and cats as possible. We thank all our members for always being there, right beside our animals.

Benefits of being a member

Membership benefits. Being a member of the Lliga grants a series of rights that are detailed in the statutes, the main one being the right to have a voice and vote in the General Assembly of Members that is held annually. As such, members can intervene in the management of the organization by contributing ideas, suggestions, collaborations, etc.

When registering as a member of the Lliga, you will receive a welcome gift, which includes a tote bag with an exclusive illustration of the Lliga which you can proudly wear wherever you go, as well as other merchandising products depending on availability.

Process of becoming a member

Membership process. The contribution required in becoming a member, which is a minimum amount of €10 per month, is charged via bank transfer through the bank account indicated and with the frequency preferred: annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.

There is also the possibility of making contributions higher than the minimum. And remember, donations have tax advantages.

Minimum contribution for individuals:

120€ / year
10€ / mes

How you help by becoming a member

Our organization needs members in order to help sustain our activities and provide for our animals. In addition, over time this  generates a close bond that, in many cases, is maintained in a profound way, sometimes over the course of many years. This charitable work gives great personal satisfaction to many of our collaborators who, more than just members, are already a key part of the history of the Lliga.

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