Collaborate with us

We need your contributions to help us keep our project moving forward. If you can help by donating supplies, medicine, or by walking and giving love to our furry friends, you will be doing so much for us


All help matters

The needs of our animals and our shelter are many and varied. Vet expenses, including all kinds of medication, are crucial for so many animals that arrive at the shelter in extremely bad shape. Food,  which for many has to be particular because of their specific needs and illnesses, water, electricity, staff who take care of the animals… it all adds up. Also, we take care of their physical and emotional needs by walking and playing with them, providing affection and helping with their process of socialization.  Shelter cleaning and maintenance tasks are also crucial, so our animals can live in the best possible conditions. For all this, we need your help.

There are many ways you can support our work: financial donations, sharing your time and love with our animals, donating supplies such as food, blankets, medicine…). Your support allows us to continue providing all that is needed to make their time with us comfortable and happy.

Your support keeps us moving forward

Discover how you can contribute to the welfare of our animals.

Members are a pillar of our shelter

With your financial contribution you make it possible for us to keep helping as many dogs and cats as possible.

If you can’t adopt

Sponsor one of our dogs or cats your name will appear on the animal’s file which can be seen on our webpage, and you will be able to book an appointment to visit him or her .

Make their stay at the shelter more pleasant and happy-

Volunteers are an essential part of our work. We need committed people willing to help our animals.

We raise money for special causes

People who subscribe donate just 1€ every month, until they decide to unsubscribe. There are no bank commissions or administrative costs.

We welcome all help

In order to run our shelter properly we need supplies such as textiles, food and medicine. More information.

We have a goal to reach

We would like to show you some cases in which thanks to charitable campaigns we have been able to improve the lives of our animals.

Your contribution will live on in our memory

The way to do it is very simple, in your notarised Last Testament and Will you can include a provision making a bequest to the Lliga, helping the welfare of our animals.