About us

We combine our efforts, time, energy and vision

Since 1944, we have welcomed abandoned or mistreated animals by taking care of them and finding new homes for them. They too have the right to a better life.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our organization, created in 1944, has been fighting for animals for nearly 80 years with the primary objective of saving their lives when they are in danger and giving them the second chance that they undoubtedly deserve. We have put in years of effort resulting in many animals finding new homes but, unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done.  The collaborating efforts of our organization continuously strive to improve this situation.

Finding homes for our animals is our ultimate goal

Since its creation, La Lliga per a la proteció d’animals i plantes de Barcelona has had its fundamental mission to welcome all animals found in a situation of helplessness, mistreatment and/or abandonment by housing them in our shelter in the best possible conditions for as long as necessary in order to find them a responsible forever home, one where they will be loved and cared for as they deserve.
Although we try to take care of animals in the best way possible, life in a shelter is very hard and we believe that for the dogs and cats that we take in, their stay with us should only be an intermediary stage before finding true happiness with their new family. 
Professionalism, our guide to action Despite the fact that animal shelters have very few resources and must function within limitations, in our organization we believe that this fact should not be at odds with professionalism. For this reason, we try to ensure that all of our undertakings (veterinary, sanitation, animal care, cleaning and even administration) are carried out with professionalism and responsibility, which affects the quality of work and, consequently, the quality of life of our animals.
  • We take care of our animals throughout their stay in the shelter in order to guarantee good health and both their physical and emotional condition, thus increasing their chances of adoption.
  • We have the important support of partners and sponsors, a staff of workers who are knowledgeable about their work and a considerable volume of volunteers involved in order to fulfill our mission.
  • We attend to visitors and those interested in adopting with the aim of guaranteeing the quality of a successful adoption, one with a stable future, full of care and affection, for all of our animals. Unfortunately, not all individuals and families are capable of having and caring for an animal and it is our obligation to inform them about the implications of adoption, assess which family fits best with each animal, and to inform the ones we understand are not the right fit for adoption.
  • We inform all those who seek information regarding the abandonment of animals and the gravity of the situation within Spain.  As the years go by the number of abandoned and mistreated animals remains very high, both in Catalonia and in Spain. This is something that should not be permitted in a modern country.
The defense of animals, the greatest of values There are many problems to fight for in our world and each person or organization can choose the one in which they feel the most worthwhile. We chose animals for many reasons: because we like them, because we love them, because we consider them to be the most defenseless, because the human race continuously mistreats them… In our organization we are proud of the values that we have championed over the years, some of which were put into practice long before Public Administration followed suit.
  • We are a no-kill shelter and do not practice euthanasia. Our organization does not sacrifice animals except to avoid unbearable suffering and pain. In our center, not even aggressiveness or behavioral problems are a reason that justifies sacrificing an animal. After our firm decision in this regard, the Generalitat de Catalunya also passed the Law for the Protection of Animals of the Generalitat de Catalunya, prohibiting the sacrifice of animals.
  • We encourage the use of positive reinforcement with all of the animals. We believe that punishment aggravates the trauma, stress and frustration that many animals have when they arrive at our shelter. Therefore, we always practice positive reinforcement and training while aiming to make our animals feel loved, protected and respected
  • We aim to ensure all of our adoptions are made with one hundred percent responsibility. Not only do we look for the best possible forever home for our animals, but we also try to ensure that the decision to adopt by families is made responsibly and thoughtfully. Our adoption process may seem demanding but is absolutely necessary in order to ensure the well-being of the dogs and cats we put up for adoption.
  • Post-adoption responsibility. Our responsibility towards our dogs and cats does not end with their adoption. After adoption, in addition to monitoring their adaptation within their new family, we also guarantee the immediate acceptance and return of the animal back to our shelter should any problem occur within the home which prevents the family from keeping the animal.
  • Cooperation and solidarity. The work of La Lliga is only made possible with everyone’s effort: members, sponsors, volunteers, workers, collaborators… Each and every individual lends the help that they can, be it by contributing their time, financial donations, collaborating on specific jobs, etc. Collaborating in this way allows the refuge to continue operating and helping as many animals as possible.

Our Team

An involved group made up of individuals deeply committed to the cause

One aspect of La Lliga that sets us apart from other organizations is our dedication to collaborate as a team. We work together to problem solve and find solutions, maintain the operations of the refuge, and dedicate time to care for the animals we welcome.

  • The Board of Directors is made up of members who also are active volunteers. Each of the board members regularly visits the refuge and therefore knows first hand its challenges, resources, possibilities, solutions, etc. Following a democratic procedure, the board is renewed every 3 years and is the highest governing body of our organization.
  • Our staff of workers is made up of dedicated individuals who are passionate about the work they do and feel connected to the animals they care for, seeking the best treatment for them.  Our workplace responsibility consists not only of the physical care of our animals- feeding and walking them- but also providing veterinary care, attending to visitors and adopters, administrative work, interacting with members and sponsors, etc.
  • Our volunteers are an incredibly important part of the day-to-day operations of the refuge, not only through the support they give our workers, but also through the love and kindness they show to the animals.  They are fundamental to the emotional recovery of the animals, most notably in the cases of those that were mistreated before their arrival at our center. In addition, many volunteers also help with other essential tasks such as organizing events, managing social networks, the distribution of campaigns, and overall, all tasks that are vital to strengthening our organization. Not to mention, many of our volunteers are also members or sponsors of La Lliga, and therefore help to support La Lliga financially.

Our World

A shelter in Barcelona, one of the few located within a city

After many decades of rescuing and sheltering animals, we are proud to have been able to find a good home for the thousands of dogs and cats that have been in our care. Our almost 80 years of experience allow us to help those shelters or entities that request information about our management or ask us for advice. We share our knowledge with all those who, like us, seek to create a better world for animals.

Our center, one of the few that is located within a city, permanently welcomes an average of about 200 animals (approximately 65 dogs and 120 cats) and surprises visitors who do not know us and are visiting us for the first time.

On social media platforms or here on this website you can find out what our world is like, you will see photos and videos of our animals, you will feel the joy from the adoptions that are taking place, you will be concerned about the significant number of abandonments that there are, you will see how happy the adopted animals are in their new homes, you will be informed about the campaigns we carry out… in short, you will be able to participate in our world.

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