Ells ja no esperen

After waiting so long, some of the veterans have found people who have empathized with them.

Ells ja no esperen

When an adopter goes up to the shelter to adopt an animal, they usually already have an idea of ​​what they want their new life partner to be like. It is very rare that any of the animals in the Ells També Esperanzan program enter the plans of the people who come to adopt, either because they show fear or mistrust or because their physical appearance, their age or their state of health do not make them attractive to many. adopters.

But sometimes these wonderful adoptions take place that fill us with joy and give us wings to continue with this arduous task of finding a family for those who have it more complicated. For those whose stay in the shelter turns into weeks, then months, then years. For those who have looked at them so little and need it so much. When an animal leaves the program it is usually a great joy as it usually goes to a new home.

But this is not always the case because, unfortunately, some of these animals have ended their days with us… an unfair end that they did not deserve after so long. We owe them the effort to achieve a better outcome for their colleagues.