Ells també esperen

After waiting so long, they deserve to be part of a family. They just need a chance.

Ells també esperen

Every year many animals come to the shelter hoping to find a family with which to start from scratch. Many of them are adopted soon, but not all of them have the same luck. Some spend years in the shelter without getting an adoption. On some occasions, it is because they have had a difficult past, they are fearful or show a complicated behavior, others arrive at the shelter already old or with some illness and others simply go unnoticed in the eyes of the adopters.

This long wait affects their character: they become distrustful of people they don’t know, they are more nervous because of the frustration caused by living in a cage or they get depressed waiting for a home that doesn’t seem to come. In these cases, when the adopters arrive at the shelter, they do not see the best version of these animals. Therefore, most choose to discard them, and their adoption becomes an obstacle course.

To give visibility to these animals and help them have their chance, in 2015 we created the Ells També Waiten program. After so much time waiting, we want them to be able to know what the tranquility and love of a home is, since experience tells us that, with a little time and trust, they adapt to their new life. It is our duty not to let them spend their lives in a cage waiting for a family that never comes. Sometimes you just have to give them the chance they deserve.