Este precioso mestizo es Luny, de entrada es un poco tímido, pero es un encanto de perro, bueno y sociable. Con tan solo 3 años de edad ya conoce lo que es el abandono, esperemos que no tarde mucho en encontrar una familia para toda la vida.
  • Animal Perros
  • Sex Macho
  • Measures Grande
  • Age Adulto
  • Status Adoptado
  • Color Canela
  • Race Mestizo
  • Birth 10.2014
  • Entry 02.2018

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All you need to know about integrating a new member into your family
Our shelter houses animals that have been abandoned and even mistreated. They deserve to find a family and a stable and definitive home in this second chance.
It is important that people who are interested in sharing their life with an animal know how we look for the most suitable families for each of our dogs and cats.
It is not always possible to have an animal at home.
Sometimes, due to space problems or lack of time, it is impossible to have a pet in our home.
n these cases, we offer the possibility of sponsoring one of our dogs or cats. Your name will appear on the animal’s file on our website and you will be able to visit it by appointment.